IndiaLoackdownDay3: Adopt a new habit.

You need 21 days to build a habit.

As India is serving a complete lockdown for 21 days amid COVID19 breakout, I think our positivity could be the best sword again the pandemic.

Rather than focusing on effects of this unprecedented medical, financial & emotional emergency, I think each one of us can turn the tables with a weapon of positivity.

This is the time to resolve to something you always wanted to do. Many of you might say, we are busier than ever now. There is is no help around. With family, office from home, & household chores there is practically no time available for any other thing.

However, it is not that difficult. Just a 10 minute determination to write everyday or learn a skill, that you always secretly wished you were trained at…whatever it is, you can achieve it in your own space.

You are free from morning alarms & milman’s bell. Your schedules are already shuffled.

You can easily make some altrations for your heart’s call.

For me, colours are already spread out on canvas. You just need to dare, to draw with a marker of choice and a beautiful image will manifest. It really doesn’t matter if your room is not 100% clean.

A 80–90% clean house with happy faces is way more valuable. Apart from 21 things I listed in my previous post, I am going to spare more time for engaging on social media.

Social distancing is turning out be social media proximity for me. I am a writer by profession. Writing everyday, sharing my thoughts make me more alive.

What about you? What calling have you found??

I am a #Writer by Choice. Enjoy Storytelling with my sWORDS. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy reading. Each comment & Clap highly appreciated.